How Odoo Can Revolutionize Pharmaceutical Retail Chains?

03/23/2023 07:35:30 In Pharmacy Retail Chain Software
Transforming traditional pharmacy stores into a modern, customer-centric model that incorporates technology, personalized health services, and data analytics to optimize the supply chain.

Odoo 17 Best POS Software in Malaysia 2023

Looking for ways to manage your retail business efficiently? A Point of Sale (POS) software can help you streamline your inventory management, track sales, and simplify the checkout process. Our comprehensive guide provides insights into the benefits of using POS software, and how it can boost your business productivity. Discover how this tool can make a significant difference in your operations, and take the first step towards achieving success in your retail business.

Odoo 17 - The Ultimate Enterprise Resource Planning Solution for Malaysia Businesses

Odoo 17 is the ultimate Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution designed to streamline and optimize business processes for Malaysian companies. With a comprehensive suite of modules for accounting, sales, inventory management, and more, Odoo 17 is the perfect solution for businesses looking to increase efficiency and productivity. Trust in the power of Odoo 17 to help your business thrive in the competitive Malaysian market.

The Best Medical Software Malaysia 2023

Discover why Odoo has become the best medical software in Malaysia in 2023. With a wide range of customizable modules and powerful features, Odoo streamlines medical company operations and improves their bottom line. From inventory management to appointment scheduling, Odoo's intuitive interface and robust capabilities make it the go-to solution for medical companies seeking to enhance their efficiency and productivity. Learn more about how Odoo is revolutionizing the medical industry in Malaysia today.

Odoo Online 11.2 - New Version Released

07/26/2019 17:21:36 In What's New in Odoo
Discover the latest version of Odoo SaaS 11.2 with new features and improvements. Upgrade now for an enhanced experience or schedule a demo and read the release notes to learn more. Existing customers can migrate manually from their database management system.