Odoo Online 11.2

Odoo SaaS 11.2 is now available. We constantly want to improve your Odoo experience and continuous integration is at the heart of our concerns. As the Saas 11.1 version was small, we decided to present you the next version right away.

As usual, new Online customers have directly access to the latest version. You can try the new features or you can schedule a demo.

Concerning our existing Online customers, the upgrade will soon be available. You will have the possibility to migrate manually from your database management system.

Few months after the release of version 11,  our R&D team hase developed new features, to know more about it, read the release notes of Odoo 11.2.

We'd like to share with you the main changes from Odoo 11.2, join the tour guide!

Accounting and Invoicing

More flexibility on payment terms. Now, you can choose a specific day of the month when a payment is due after issuing an invoice.

For example, you can specify that the payment is due 15 days after the invoice is issued, and more precisely on the 7th of the month.

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Reverse an entry after a specific date. A new checkbox has been added in the journal entries, which allows you to set a reverse automated entry at a specific date.

This is useful in some accounting use cases. For example, an entity that records provisions for bad debts can set the automatic reverse entry to a specific date, for when the payment of the debtor is expected.

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Done & schedule next activity. A new button has been added in the schedule activity menu, making it possible to mark an activity as done and schedule the next one.

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Email Marketing

Merging mailing lists. If you have several different mailing lists you need to combine, you don't have to waste your time by recreating a new one. Instead you can merge your mailing lists into one from your contacts menu. 

This can help you to reorganize your contact lists if you want to change or recreate your customer segmentation. 

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Another great feature in Odoo Email Marketing is the plain text edition of an email. Sometimes, you get more response when you write a simple plain mail because it looks more personal.  

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Attachment field on help form. From now on, you can add files to your support forms. This way you can add a screenshot, or any useful type of file, to your forms to help your clients clarify their request.

As a result, the demands can be resolved faster due to more clarity. 

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Edit received quantity on a purchase order for services. If you purchase a product or any type of service, it's now possible to edit the received quantity directly from the purchase order.

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Cover image. The images on your projects can be easily changed and removed. For a better visualization, you can set a cover image to each of your projects.   

Improvement of Rating Dashboards. We understand the importance of tracking the development and client satisfaction of your projects. Therefore we have improved the look of the rating dashboards.

The brand new design and the statistics of your dashboards highlight the satisfaction of your customers. 

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Edit the invoice and the delivery details when your order is confirmed. Even when the sale order is confirmed, you have the possibility of editing the billing address and the delivery order.


Facebook fan page link on the website. The link of your Facebook fan page can be added to your website.

This option can be a practical tool in order to increase your visibility and grow your community. 

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